Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

What Walker should say if Obama comes to Madison next week


The Democrats drove our state budget car into the ditch.  As you know, Democrats aren’t good at driving.  They like trains, unfortunately. Unlike the federal government, we can’t just leave the car in the ditch and throw dirt on top of it. So we put on our boots and walk into the ditch — it’s muddy and hot and dusty and bugs everywhere — and we’re pushing. And we’re slipping and sliding and sweating, and President Obama, he’s standing there sipping on a Slurpee watching us. He’s saying things like, “That’s not what I would do. I would just throw some dirt on it.  Maybe dig the hole deeper.” When we almost have the car out of the ditch, he’s telling us we should put it back into the ditch. Meanwhile, he’s directing other cars into the ditch all around us. At this point we’re not even asking him for a hand. All we’re asking is that he get out of the way, preferably to start pulling his own cars out of the ditch.

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