Saturday, August 17th, 2019

When the Capitol police say you’re under arrest, they’re not taking your pizza order


If I can teach you anything at this website, do not attempt to walk away from the Capitol police after they tell you you’re under arrest. It’s called, “resisting arrest.”

Yeah, the cops aren’t carrying carryout pizza menus in their back pockets anymore.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that while Christopher J. Terrell was being arrested, the altercation took place with his brother Damon Terrell.

Stephanie Marquis, a spokesperson for the Department of Administration said, “Both individuals refused to leave and actively resisted officers when they were placed under arrest.”

“When officers began to arrest Damon Terrell, he began to walk away and actively resisted arrest,” Marquis said in a statement to the media.

She said one officer suffered an unspecified injury during the arrest. Marquis declined to disclose the nature of the injury, citing medical privacy concerns.

Marquis cautioned that some video of the incident might have been edited to not show the full arrest, but declined to provide or point out different video.

Marquis did not say why officers pinned Terrell by the back of the neck during the arrest. She did say that it should be clear that Terrell was resisting aggressively.

In addition to felony battery, Damon is facing resisting arrest charges. His brother is being charged with resisting arrest and assembling without a permit.

The brothers have had a history of demonstrating and arrests by the capitol police, at times that has involved the brothers shouting at officers. There is video of one of the brothers yelling at police before his arrest.

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