Monday, August 26th, 2019

Who says the city doesn’t have enough money for road repair?


The city of Waukesha is so busy with road repairs, it doesn’t have time to notify neighborhoods when they’re going to tear up the street and run construction vehicles back and forth in front of our homes. This is the scene at the end of my block:

You have to love how the “road work ahead” sign is planted in one of my neighbor’s driveway and completely blocked from view by a city truck.

Greenfield is completely blocked off from traffic. Not by a sign, but by a truck. Did the city run out of road construction signs?

Hey, wasn’t that part of the street just dug up and repaired a few weeks ago? And, before that, just a couple of years ago? Glad there’s a plan.

Now we know why the city police department came through last night looking for cars to ticket. The city construction trucks need a place to park.


So Greenfield Avenue is now completely impassable thanks to the unannounced construction.  That goes along with the construction on Arcadian Avenue, making our quiet little neighborhood even more isolated. Sure would be nice if our alderman or someone from the city would actually tell residents what’s going on like I’ve been asking.

By the way, Greenfield Avenue was just repaired in the last couple of years, so it’s nice to know the city has no plan, along with no plan for communicating when they’re going to tear up our local roads.

Perhaps the beeping of trucks backing up is sending a message to the neighborhood in Morse code: you’re screwed.


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