Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Will somebody ask Feingold about his record on judicial nominations?


Judging from the most recent interview by Mike Gousha on his Sunday morning yack fest, it’s like Russ Feingold never served in the Senate. Gousha asked Feingold about Senate Republicans like Ron Johnson refusing to consider President Barack Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, but as I explain at RightWisconsin Gousha never asked a follow-up question even when Feingold lied to his face:

Feingold said it’s “irresponsible not to consider” a nomination to the Supreme Court by President Barack Obama. He also said to Gousha about considering Supreme Court nominees when he was a senator, “In all cases, we ended up in an expeditious manner, taking up full consideration of them.”

How did this not result in a follow-up question from Gousha? Because when President George W Bush nominated Sam Alito to the Supreme Court, Feingold was one of the Democratic senators who attempted to filibuster the nomination and prevent the nomination from being considered. It would have been a simple question, “When Sam Alito was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Bush, you voted to filibuster him. Wasn’t that an attempt to prevent him from being considered by the Senate? And the only reason it didn’t work is because you didn’t have any influence with your colleagues?”

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