Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

You tell me it’s the institution


Dan Deibert, unable to fulfill his life-long ambition of being a shock-jock for Air America in San Francisco*, has this observation about Justice Butler’s concession speech:

I wonder what part he wants to reform? The part where the very people that deal with him in court are pouring tons of money into his campaign (which of course would never influence his decisions) or the part where groups that disagree with his very liberal stance can run ads and tell people about his very liberal stance.

And what? “If we rob them of that faith, we rob them of justice.” Huh? What on Earth does that mean? This guy is just shell-shocked. It’s been what, 40 years since an incumbent justice lost a race? Trust me Justice Butler, nobody is losing faith in justice because you lost. In fact, it would seem that more people think the opposite.

*Just what would someone have to do to shock San Francisco? I mean, other than state President Bush was right to invade Iraq?

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