How to Create a Killer Law Firm Marketing Plan

law firm marketing

Have you ever thought about your law firm’s marketing plan? Chances are, it’s not something that’s been a priority for you or the other lawyers in your firm, and you might not know where to begin. Marketing your firm is a great way to grow your practice and bring in more business, and it’s not as complicated as you might think. Here’s how to create a killer law firm marketing plan.

Build Your Brand

Just like with any business, it’s important that you build your brand. A Nashville car accident attorney would want to focus his or her business on helping those who’ve been in a car accident. For lawyers, it’s important to make your business and your law firm personal. Your current and potential clients should be able to put a name and a face to the firm. Your brand should be driven by your desire to help others with whatever problem your firm focuses on, whether that’s car accidents, fraud, or personal injury.

Determine Your Ideal Clients

In order to best create your personal injury lawyer marketing, you’ll need to determine your ideal clients. This will help you target your marketing strategy to the people who are most likely to need your services. If you know that your firm typically assists clients who have experienced medical malpractice, you can create advertising and marketing plans that will reach these people. You can place physical ads near your local hospital or create digital ads that mention successful cases of this nature. Deciding who your ideal client is will help you understand how to structure your marketing.

Update Your Website

Law isn’t a very digital field, so your website might just be something simple that has your firm’s contact information on it. But the best law firm websites include personalized content, an excellent logo, and biographies of each member of the firm. Your website should be designed to provide your clients with helpful information as well as clearly explain your brand and the beliefs of your firm. 48 percent of people said that a website’s design helped them determine the business’s credibility. Having an attractive and useful website will put your firm above the competition.

Create Online and Offline Marketing

Once you’ve established your firm’s brand and built a beautiful website, you’ll need to make a plan for both online and offline marketing. Your website is just one piece of your online marketing. You’ll also need to focus on your firm’s social media pages, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and many other tools. Your online marketing should be consistent and attractive, and should clearly illustrate your brand and what your firm stands for. Many companies hire someone to manage the marketing and he or she will be able to help you create a plan. This plan should, of course, also include offline marketing. This can include billboards, newspaper advertisements, and promotional merchandise. Both online and offline marketing tactics are crucial for continuing to grow your law firm.

Analyze What’s Working and What’s Not

Once you’ve established a plan and started implementing it, it’s important that you plan for reevaluating. It’s impossible to know what will or won’t work until you try it, so after attempting your current strategy for a time, take a look at the numbers. How much money and time have you been devoting to your marketing plan? How many new clients have you gained? Ask your new clients to tell you how they heard about you and take a look at the least popular answer. Chances are, there are certain things you might want to cut from your marketing plan. This will give you additional resources to put towards the strategies that are working. Make sure you don’t skip this step as it’s important to always revise your marketing plan.

With the right marketing plan, your law firm will continue to grow and thrive. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll notice a change in your firm in no time.

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